How much can I earn? Publishers receive 65% of the rate advertisers pay, eCPM's
for popup ads listed below are exact. Rates may change
regularly, depending on our advertisers' needs and requirements.
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Czech Republic
The World

What ad sizes are supported by Source Media? The following ad types are supported. GIF, JPEG, HTML, sometimes SWF are accepted on all ad sizes

  • Flash 5 recommended
  • Should utilize Macromedia Flash Tracking Kit (clickTag)
  • Banners should not play sound or pop additional windows without user interaction
  • We permit IFRAME/JavaScript tags for third party serving
  • No looping restrictions
Ad Type
300x250 in Flash Game
Slide In
What is the minimum payout? Our terms are simple requiring no exclusivity or long term obligations, our payout rate is tops in the industry, and we pay Net 30 with a
low $20 minimum. Game, Music, Videos, Humor, Community, Movie, News, Sports and many other online entertainment categories generate
strong revenue on our network. Payments are made on terms of Net 30, that means 30 days after the close of a month.
Who can join Source Media Ads? All websites are accepted, except for mature, racist or adult content sites. We do reserve the right to decline any and all sites not meeting our standards.
Any site found to be sending incentivized traffic or via out.php will be banded and reported to other networks, clicks must be from actual vistors clicking on ads.
What payment methods are available? Payment can be made via check or paypal. We recommend using paypal because it's the quickest and most convenient way for our
developers and publishers to get paid.
Does Source Media Ads offer design services? Yes, Source Media Ads does have a highly talented design group to bring your vision to reality. Please contact
for quotes on services.( i.e. banners and flash media)
How many ads can I display per page? You cannot display more than three ads per page. Maximum 1 banner per size! (Do not place the same size 2 times on one page)
One HTML Code (banner) must be visible without the need to scroll in any direction. One popup can be displayed in addition to the above.
How do game developers signup? 1. Join as a Publisher.

2. Login and click on Places, then select Create a New Place.

3. In the TITLE field enter your game name, in the Ad Type field, select Pre-Game Ad 300x250 flash. Click Submit

4. In the Zone field select PreGame, Click Submit.

5. Click on the link, to download our game api. Write down your Game Id

6. Open the zip file and change the XXX to your Game Id, that was given to you in the last step.

This is where your GAME ID should be inserted mySMAPubPlaceID:String="xxx";

This is where the ZONE ID should be inserted mySMAZoneID:String="xxx"; the ZONE ID will always be 19

7. Place our API in frame 1 of your game and compile. That's It.....start earning 65%
Do you accept animated banners on your network? We do accepted animated banners on the Source Media network, the cost of running such an ad maybe slightly higher, due to
the additional bandwidth used to serve such an ads.
Does Source Media sponsor flash games? We do sponsor flash games from time to time, all flash games must be written in AS3, we do not support AS2. If you would
like to have your game sponsored, submit your game to for review.
Does Source Media have any job openings? We do have job openings for commissioned account representatives. Account Reps earn 10% of the revenue their advertisers spend monthly with us,
payments are made monthly. The online advertising market has been estimated to worth 50 billion dollars by 2012. We are recruiting account reps
worldwide, if you would like to become part of this growing industry, please send an email to on the Subject line, place ACCT REP JOB OPENING
I have additional questions, how can I get them answered? Any question you have that has not been answered here, please send an email to or use the Contact us Link